Science shows what we surround ourselves in has a vital impact on our overall mental state of mind. This is why, we at KHAFILO, believe that the key to a healthy mind is an amazing home filled with colors, textures and unique objects. For this reason, it is truly essential that your home is designed in a way, which will make you feel at your best.


[KHA:FI:LO] STUDIO originates from a profound passion for architecture and interior design. We transform spaces into something that expresses a true story by giving it its own voice. 

We offer styling of residential homes based on your wishes and needs. Our job is to run your visions through our filter. Working closely together, we will create the home you have always aimed for. 



Perhaps it was the time as an assistant in the fashion industry that trained Camilla's eye and taught her to anticipate trends in the market. Or perhaps it was from her studies where she was introduced to architecture and interior design. Instead of viewing the decorative art pieces and objects through a lens of a particular period, Camilla adopts a less restrictive approach when designing spaces. To her, designing is about the unique story, which a space should tell. 


Being truly dedicated to the highest levels of detail, Camilla designs residential spaces with a mix of contemporary and vintage; feminine and masculine. 

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Camilla Liedecke