Christmas; the most wonderful time of the year.

…… Or at least it used to be. With Christmas arriving in the middle of a surging pandemic, this holiday season is different from how we use to know it.

We all have our holiday traditions; for us it entails decorating our home with Christmas ornaments, family gatherings including the annual Christmas cookie competition and finally, go to the Royal balle and watch the ‘The Nutcracker’ followed by a visit to our favorite bistro for hot chocolate and ‘Æbleskiver’.

However, with the ongoing pandemic many seasonal traditions have to be rethought in order to celebrate this year’s Holiday season in a joyful way. Because celebrate we will.

As the pandemic has forced us to think differently and redefine our traditions, we believe in maintaining the core element of our traditions, that being ‘hygge’, while at the same time adding a new twist to it.

During December, I will keep you posted on our holiday traditions, and the way in which we celebrate this season differently than normal.

Usually, we celebrate 1. advent by going out for a family brunch. However, as we this year were unable to gather the whole family, we ended up dining at home, which surprisingly turned our to be a nice change for the better. It was actually less stressful and more cozy than expected. This we can differently recommend.

I know that this year’s sudden changes are bound to feel a little jarring, but it’s still possible to make this holiday something speciel, so why not get the most out of it and celebrate together, as I will bring you along with me every week.

I cannot wait for the holiday season to come.



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