LIVE LIKE... Athena Calderone

I cannot believe I haven’t introduced you to my favorite interior designer yet. Her name is Athena Calderone, and she is the founder of the successful lifestyle site EyeSwoon.

Calderone lives in a stunning townhouse in the historic Cobble Hill, Brooklyn with her family. Please, prepare yourself to be wowed when Athena opens her doors to what is her family’s forever home in Brooklyn.

What is not to like about this home? Foremost, what I love about Adthena's style is how she manages to combine the townhouse’s old soul with a contemporary spirit in order to adapt the house to a modern family lifestyle. The way she welcomes the nature into her home is admirable, and only Athena knows how to create multifaceted interiors, which are at once inviting and alive with history, culture, and modernity. Hope you feel inspired and learn a tip or two :-)

Kitchen area

  1. Pierre Jeanneret–style chair

  2. Vintage jar

  3. Sculpture in ceramics


Entrance hall

  1. Side table

  2. Clarabelle stool

  3. Ginger P floor lamp


Rest room

  1. Gracelyn Wall Mounted Towel Ring

  2. Aesop hand wash 500ml

  3. African white bead necklace

  4. GUBI Andet wall mirror 45cm


See slideshow below for more images of Athena Calderone's stunning home:

I hope I introduced you to a new inspiring soul with this post. Please, feel free to comment and let me know who is your favorite interior designer :-) I would love to know.

Also, make sure to stay around, as we are soon to announce some really big and great news ...!

Talk to you soon.