LIVE LIKE... Jeremiah Brent & Nate Berkus

You seemed to really enjoy reading the latest article: ‘LIVE LIKE… Kendall Jenner’. Therefore, we have created just another ‘LIVE LIKE…’ for you to enjoy. In this edition of “LIVE LIKE...” we are visiting the amazing design couple, Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus, who live in NYC with their two kids.

Being vowed from the minute Jeremirah and Nate opened the doors to their home, you are not in doubt that the design couple knows how to decorate a home; a home which exudes casual exclusivity at its finest. Understanding how to mix and match contemporary with vintage, they have succeeded in bringing an old 1899 town house into a modern home serving all the needs of a small family.

In order for you to add a touch of their style into your home, we at Khafilo have sought to learn from their design skills and copy our favorites interior pieces.

Living room

  1. Shiro Kuramata Steelpipe Drink Trolley in Metal for Cappellini

  2. 19th-century French lantern

  3. Giacometti Style Wrought Iron & Glass Coffee Table

  4. 3-persons sofa


Dining area

  1. Clay Dining table

  2. Table decor

  3. Vase



  1. Egypt wilderness wall paper

  2. By Lassen armchair


See slideshow below for more images of Jeremiah Brent & Nate Berkus' amazing home:

We hope this was helpful, and you gained som inspiration :-) Since we are aware that you guys enjoy reading these kind of guides, let us know if there is any particular homes you wish for us to write about. You can always connect with us via our instagram or send us an email:

Xxx Camilla

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