Table setting tips and tricks I swear by

As much as I love city life and going out for dinners, I prefer to escape the urban hustle and instead invite friends and family over for at nice dinner. Having dinners with loved ones at home give you more freedom to set the tone for the evening and to connect with your guests at a deeper level. So whenever I host, it is vital that my guests feel that an effort was put into the dinner.

I find joy in cooking the food that I serve, and I love to spend time picking the right wine, but more importantly to me is the table setting; I even sometimes find myself rearranging the table settings for hours on end. I love getting creative and come up with new fancy ways to fold the napkins. I do, too, always think of new cute and crafty surprises for my guests to see when taking place around the table, as I have truly come to appreciate and care for all the small details.

For this reason, I wanted to share my dearest tips and tricks with you, and hopefully you will find it inspiring and useful for the coming times where you are setting the table.

  • Choose a controlled color palette: I love soft and earthy colors, which is also reflected in my table settings. I often choose a palette of white, grey or rosa combined with greenery and gold silverware. These colors, to me, bring a welcoming and warm tone to the table setting.

  • Less is more: Even though, I often tend to have way too many ideas for how the table should be set, I always end up removing half of the stuff in order to get the perfect table setting. My advice is, therefore, to make sure to keep it simple. Keep a few of your favorite items and leave it with that.

  • Mixed ceramics can be very cool: I don’t no why, but there is something both charming and beautiful with mixed ceramics displayed on a table. It makes the table setting look more interesting and perfectly imperfect, which I am a huge fan of.

  • Add your greens to the table: And no, I am not referring to your veggies. I always swear by adding some sort of leafy element to the table to bring some texture and give it some life. It truly makes a difference and it does not cost a lot.

  • Do not underestimate a good wineglass: For some weird reason wine just tastes better when drinking it from a visual pleasing wineglass. Ever thought of that? Maybe not. However, it is not only the wine, which benefit from a gorgeous wineglass. It also adds something extra to the table setting - taking everything to the next level.

  • Invest in good tablecloth and lined napkins: It is simple - it just looks better.

I sure hope that my tips were helpful to you. Next time you are setting your table, I would love to see the results. So please tag @khafilostudio on Instragram, so you can inspire me as well.

XX Camilla

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