Take a trip down memory lane with a personalized gallery wall

Creating a gallery wall comes with so many pros:

  1. It is an amazing way to infuse color, texture and patterns into your space

  2. It is an excellent way to take up empty space on a large wall, making the room feel fully inhabited

  3. Most importantly, a gallery wall is among the best ways to visually express our personality with all its quirky features

Despite all the obvious benefits that a gallery wall presents, many people steer clear of such a project in the fear of ending up creating a mess..

However, let us be the first to tell you otherwise. We have created a straightforward guide on how to create your own personal collage with the aim of making your wall shine.

  1. Amass a cool collection of art pieces A gallery wall can simply be made out of art or photos. However, you can also take it to the next level and add three dimensional pieces, mirrors and/or wall sculptures. The possibilities are unlimited, as long as you keep it stylish and tie it all together (see below for more on this). While you gather all your favorite pieces for your collage, you do not have to know where every single item is going from the beginning. Also, we suggest that you diversify your items in order to create some tension and variation on the wall. However, most importantly do what feels right to you and your eye

  2. Use color to filter items Color plays a key role when creating a gallery wall, and it will most likely also be the main element tying all your items together. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to make sure that the pieces you pick follow the same, specific color palette.

  3. Start creating your collage You can start your gallery wall in may different ways; there is no right or wrong. However, if you feel lost and overwhelmed, we suggest that you start with the biggest piece you have in your collection - but be mindful of the general balance and symmetry while you add the additional pieces around the large center piece. By now, you should end up having a true life collage.

  4. Wait a day or two to put the items up on the wall It is better to be completely certain before seizing the drilling tool. We recommend waiting a day or two before putting it up on your wall.

Slide for more inspiring pictures of amazing gallery walls -

Looking at your newly created gallery wall should evoke feelings, and it should make you reminisce about great memories. The gallery wall is the best way to showcase you collection, so let the creativity guide you to build your own master piece.


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