Less is more: How a simple table goes a long way

As mentioned in our latest post 'What is currently on my wishlist...', cooking for friends and family has become something we really value a lot. Especially now with the pandemic going on, we find ourselves to eat home more than ever. And let us be real, there is no better way to show appreciation for your loved ones than with a lavish mean. This makes it essential to imbue our surroundings with appreciation and beauty.

It may seem like a daunting task, but fear not! Simply follow our tips and recommendations in order to boost your everyday table setting skills. We promise, you will be surprised how easy it is to create a pretty table in no time.

So please, pull out you tablecloth and linen napkins - EVEN IF THE MEAL IS SERVED FOR YOURSELF. Because it is a fact that the simple act of creating something beautiful brings us JOY!

You do not have to buy expensive flowers for the table decor in order for it to look pretty. You can simply add an elegant pot of herbs, such as basil, and a basket with different kinds of spices and oils. Also, we all know that candles is a sure winner on any table. In order for the table to look extra chic, I love to use a good tablecloth, which does not necessarily need to be ironed before use, and then top it off with linen napkins, which are being fold in different ways. I love the Danish brand, Linumø Copenhagen, who makes the most amazing and sustainable tablecloth and linen napkins.

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